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TAGOURY'S HOUSE is an international known company because our standard of beauty, comfort and elegance always transform your life's place in a wonderful oasis. Dedicated to innovate and to get harmony within our product lines; TAGOURY'S HOUSE takes pride in serving exclusive clients in Egypt and the Middle East since 1910.
Working in the business of people satisfaction, as much as this might seem strange and practical impossible: we have made a huge effort to satisfy our well selected clients through well selected products.

When you look for the past, you can see the results of our best work immortalized in some of the most important architectural projects in our region like:Picture of the Bibliotheca of Alexandria We are very proud to be part of this amazing architecture project.
The new library of Alexandria is for us the project of the Century.
We received people from all the word in Egypt because this project. It is much more than a library is our culture for the humanity.

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Tel: 012-25255553/ 012-22107486

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